Identify High-Risk Transactions with Automated KYT Solutions 

In today’s fast-paced world, cybercriminals have been developing advanced methods to commit transactional and financial crimes. The aim behind these attacks is to access financial funds from authentic accounts illegally. These threats can negatively affect the business operations of various financial institutions. Companies should invest in digital transaction monitoring processes to detect high-risk transactions. According to a 2023 report, the transaction monitoring market acquired a market share of $16.8 billion. Transaction monitoring solutions can protect companies from financial crimes and can provide streamlined business operations.            

Risk-Based Transaction Monitoring – An Authentic Identifier of Risky Transactions

Risk transaction monitoring is the process of detecting the identity of individuals involved in high-risk transactions. These services are essential for businesses to prevent transaction fraud. The imposters have developed various ways through which they commit high-risk transactions. They steal the credit card information of legitimate financial account holders. This information is manipulated to access financial services for illicit monetary activities. Imposters can initiate mass transactions, draining the authentic funds of legitimate customers. Some of the most common transaction frauds include identity theft, credit card fraud, phishing scams, and account takeovers. 

Companies should conduct an extensive risk-assessment solution to screen out illicit entities. This can be done through an enhanced due diligence process. An enhanced due diligence process is designed to assess the financial activities and histories of high-risk customers. It checks the risky entity’s financial activities through the examination of several watchlists, such as politically exposed person (PEP) lists, exit control lists (ECL), sanction lists, and criminal watchlists. These high-risk customers are most likely to appear in these lists, and companies can analyze them to eliminate such entities from accessing their business operations.         

KYT Know Your Transaction – An Effective Risk-Assessment Framework 

Know Your Transaction (KYT) is the process of monitoring customer’s transactions to examine the risk associated with such activities. Its purpose is to analyze customer’s financial activities and mitigate the occurrence of fraudulent activities. The KYT services are a subset of AML regulations, protecting businesses from money laundering and related monetary threats. The KYT process is carried out through the following steps:

  • Data Collection and Investigation: The KYT process begins when businesses collect information regarding customer’s transactional histories. If their financial activities show malicious attempts, they are investigated further to examine their risk profiles and financial activities. 
  • Risk-Profile Scoring: After monitoring the customers’ risk profiles, the risk examiners assign a specific score to their profiles, which classifies them as high and low-risk entities. The high-risk entities are screened through an enhanced due diligence process to screen out illicit activities.     
  • Transaction Monitoring and Reporting: The enhanced due diligence (EDD) process provides real-time transaction monitoring using automated algorithms and databases. The EDD process highlights all the malicious activities that are associated with customer’s financial activities. The AML and KYC regulations require businesses to report such activities, allowing higher authorities to deal with high-risk transactions.      

Business Transaction Monitoring – Ensure KYT Compliance in Business Operations of Diverse Industries 

KYT compliance is essential for various industries as it protects the customer’s monetary funds from illicit transactions. The financial institutions can use the business transaction monitoring services to eliminate money laundering and related financial frauds. These services can monitor the transactional histories of all the customers and inform the servers regarding any malicious transaction activity. E-commerce and online retail stores can manage online transactions to protect themselves from chargeback fraud and identity theft. The KYT services are crucial for the crypto market as they make virtual currency transactions transparent, preventing imposters from committing money laundering and other financial crimes.  

Transaction Processing – A Significant Service for Streamlined Financial Operations 

Transaction monitoring and KYT services can automate the risk assessment process through digital identity verification measures. They boost the operational efficiencies of various businesses. It prevents imposters from accessing the identity details of legitimate customers and mitigates the risks related to money laundering and illicit terrorist financing scams. It conducts an enhanced due diligence process through which the imposter’s identities are detected. The malicious entities are eliminated from accessing the financial services, providing a secure environment for customers to store their financial assets. KYT services abide by the KYC and AML rules, which protect them from the consequences and repercussions of government penalties and fines.   

Summing It Up 

Know Your Transaction (KYT) solutions provide an effective framework to analyze high-risk transactions. These services prevent imposters from illegally accessing the authentic customer’s financial details. It mitigates criminal attempts of money laundering and terrorist financing attacks by using automated identity verification solutions. The KYT process classifies the customers into high-risk and low-risk profiles, which can be examined through various due diligence services. The high-risk entities are examined through an enhanced due diligence process, which analyzes the customer’s risk profiles and financial activities against several international watchlists. These lists determine the customer’s risk levels, mitigating illicit entities from accessing financial services.   

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